Feb 24, 2018

Top 2 MOBA Game for Android and PC of 2018

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MOBA is the best ever unbeatable trending game of 21st century era. People gets addicted because it needs team coordination, cooperation and full strategy  game. Games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royals, Candy Crush, Ludo Beings etc can be predicted from the early game who were going to win. But, MOBA game is a unique strategic game where a single mistake in a bit of milliseconds can lead you to lose the Match.

MOBA has helped a lot gamers to make their dream come true as a Pro Gamer or YouTube Live streamer .

MOBA has cracked play hours of past GAMES play hours. Here, is the listed top2 5vs5 MOBA games for ANDROID and PC of 2018 :



It is one of the most popular 5vs5 mobile MOBA game downloaded more than 80million which is released in 11th JULY 2016. This game has conducted a biggest Mega contest  hosted by official Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Moonton  for South-East Asia region named as MSC contest of prize money USD100,000.  There are more than 56 different types of Hero Characters where players have to choose and fight.



It is also one of the most popular 5vs5 mobile MOBA game downloaded ever more than 10million which is released in 16th November 2014. It have more category gameplay:

-Real Line of Sight Fog of War

-120FPS pro-motion support

-Skill-based Play & decision making

-Macro & rotational strategies

– Objective-rich-3-lane map

– Free camera

– Last hitting

– Wave control

-Lane teleports

– Active items

– Intricate vision system

– Original fantasy characters and storytelling



It is one of the most popular PC MOBA game which is released on 27th October 2009 and downloaded over 100M having 1.3 Billion play hour in a day. You can say it as the biggest MOBA game ever played in the history of MOBA. This game has published by Riot games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. There are more than 134 Heroes characters or Champions currently in the game.

56 of those champions were good in top lane.

46 of those champion were good in mid lane.

28 of those champion were good in support.

19 of those champion were good in AD carry or botlane carry.

46 of those champion are good in jungle.


This game has released on 9th July 2013 and have 13M active players per month. This game has. The game DOTA stand for Defense of the Ancients which is developed and published by Valve corporations. There are 115 Hero character in the game which is categorized as 3 types i.e. :

37 strength  [They are heroes with hp and can fit into variety of roles such as initiator, disable]

37 Agility [ They are heroes with high armor and attack speed. Due to their ability to scale well with time, they are often played in carry hole]

41 Intelligence  [They have larger mana pool and are mostly dependent on their spells, due to which most of them are often played as a support]

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