Feb 25, 2018

How to write IGN like Pro in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

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How to Write Your IGN with Amazing Fonts like Pro Players in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

While in game you can see many players write their IGN name with stylish fonts and you gets stocked, amazed by seeing that. Yes ofcourse, they have something quality that’s why they write their IGN names with stylish fonts. They were pro ofcourse as other people mention them, yes it represents their skills and dedication for the game. People will focus you with your stylish IGN and they will give feedback you even if your gameplay is bad.

You also wanna write your IGN name that way and make them feel for your perfection of this Game. Some people thinks that it will be so tough to write the IGN name that way but in its really so easy.

Here I am going to show you the steps how to write your IGN name with stylish fonts:

FANCY Keyboard

Download “Fancy Keyboard” from google app play store. This is the best Keyboard to get stylish fonts Emoji, GIF etc. You can even use it as your default keyboard in your Mobile and can use while texts, watsapp, facebook etc.  There are 49fonts in total with many cool looking emojis, gifs etc. You can even download many amazing new updates unique fonts and emojis. You will love this app for this amazing cool features.

  1. Open it And enable it in your settings 

  2. Open the Keyboard 

  3. Select into the Fonts 

  4. Select into the Cool Fonts 


  5. Choose your font and try first in note 

  6. Open your Game MLBB 

  7. Click into the Profile 

  8. Enter into the settings Green Button 

  9. Click into the edit name   

  10. Write your IGN and press enter

That’s it you have it like those Legendary pro players. Enjoy your Gameplay.

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  • Good one use language..!
    Keep it up

    Tridiplosr March 4, 2018 1:19 pm Reply

    M KWTHAR BUGRA March 4, 2018 1:20 pm Reply
  • wow so awesome. I must apply it

    Robert Palang March 4, 2018 2:38 pm Reply

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