Feb 18, 2017

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp

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Do you know past days  granny or parents use to chase teenage mood and behaviour to detect any their personal problems.

Now the time has changed and Technology have changed everyone’s life style.
If you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp then this is the best app where you can keep spy of your kids or your love ones.

Don’t try it until you take permission of your friends.
Remember It’s totally ETHICAL Hack.
The first step which you have to take is that “Whatscan” for WhatsApp app. 
You can download it from Google Play store apps.
  • When you will open that app there you will to draw patterns. Do it, it will help you to secure from someone’s unauthorized access. 
  • After that you will get a Ad there. Just click on the “NO THANKS”.
  • Here you will get a loading icon. Wait until the Bar code don’t appear.
  • Here it is, you will get this type of appearance of a Bar Code.
  • Now access to your known person WhatsApp. There Click on the icon which is shown below.
  • There you will get the WhatsApp Web and click there.
  • Click on the “OK, GOT IT”  
  • Click on the “CONTINUE”. If you have Marshmallow then it will appear this way. 
  • Now Scan your Bar Code through the WhatsApp Web scanner.
  • Now Click on your Whatscan. There victim’s account will be logged in.

  • If you want then you can you can text from your Whatscan too. It’s like you are using your second account.
  • Text just “Hi” and send the message. Open that victim’s WhatsApp there also your message sent will appear.
  • Here it is.
  • You Can Log Out later on too.

That’s how you can keep an eye on your kids WhatsApp or your friends or your loved ones. Here you can use your secondary account too.

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