Feb 3, 2017

How To Get Unlimited 3G on Airtel

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People now a days face problem in shortage of data. People are spending lot of money recharging high data plan even then sometime people can’t fulfill their needs. Is it possible for you to spend a lot of your money on higher data plan’s. Do you worry about your data while watching an online video? If ‘yes’ then you must definitely try this trick.

This trick is for the Airtel service user in which you can get 3G speed in your 2G packs which will help you download large files and also browse internet until you don’t disconnect data and there’s no such issue of SIM blocking because it works on paid net you just need small 3G recharge and also small 2G recharge according to your budget.


Now try this trick by the steps given below:-


  • To get 3G speed you must Recharge of 2G pack. This depends on your budget if you want 3G unlimited then you must Recharge of 2G Unlimited Internet Pack.




  • After Recharge of 2G you need to Send SMS to 121. <Add 1234567890> to 121. You Must Send this SMS to 121. You have to add any Airtel number who you know well instead of 123567890




  • Now you have few steps left. Whenever you want to access Internet on that particular time you must recharge of 3G small pack. For example Rs.8.




  • After recharge of 3G small pack now Go to the “Menu” of your Phone.




  • Go to the “Setting




  • Find “Mobile Network



  • In “Network Mode” You chose only “WCDMA” or “3G“.



  • Now you are all set. Whenever you want to access Internet once you connect your data and don’t disconnect it until you are done with your pack




                      Now Enjoy the unlimited 3G.

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