Feb 21, 2017

How To Download Mp3 Audio From YouTube

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YouTube is one of the largest video sharing site on the entire globe which includes videos of our biggest fans official music videos or cover of the song and many more but sometimes it’s not really possible for us to always visit the site to watch those videos online So the solution is to download it onto your device but YouTube does not provide downloading options on the official site. Most of us use third party application like Tubemate, YouTube Downloader and many more but this are not really necessary because I have figured out an easy way with just a simple URL edit.

On my previous article download YouTube videos by typing SS I have shown you how to download videos from YouTube with simple URL edit and today I’m going to show you how to download MP3 audio from YouTube with URL edit. Apart from videos we sometimes like to keep MP3 audio instead of videos to create a playlist of your favourite songs and hear it before sleep or during the time of party.
Download Mp3 Audio From YouTube Follow The Steps Given Below :-

Step 1: Open any video and open the URL of the video.
Step 2: Type “pwn” instead of m.youtube.com (on mobile version) or www.YouTube.com (on PC version) you will be redirected to another site.
Step 3:  On that site you will see many options for converting videos so press the button “convert to mp3” to download mp3.
Step 4: The video link will be inserted press covert and the video will start converting it will take few seconds.
Step 5: Then press continue.

Now just select the storage path and press the download button and your MP3 audio will start downloading this is probably the best way to download MP3 audio from YouTube and it is very simple. I hope this will be an easy way and become your regular process for Downloading audio.
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