Feb 28, 2018

How to connect your PC through Network Sharing Centre?

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Have you ever wondered how the several PCs of Cyber Cafe shops, offices, Banks were connected?

You have been gone in a cyber cafe shop, downloaded the data in the PC and later they Print out the file through their main PC. You just stocked and keep ask them how they do it? You keep feel that to setup like them it would be much tougher, but in real it’s actually so easy.

Once, if you know how to connect then you can set it up in your office and in several other work place. Before going to read the steps you must need to know the advantages for the setup.

  • You can share all the data which you have in your PC
  • You can access all the data of another PC
  • You can copy all data in your PC
  • You can transfer all the necessary data to another computer

The data transfer through this connection is reliably faster. It don’t touch 100GB data transfer per second but it touches 100mbps speed data transfer. Several Giga Bytes data will be transferred within a minute and below 100mbps just in a blink.

Here you will know between two PCs and later apply it on several PC.

So, let’s begin with the very first step

  1. Router (Ethernet Cable)

Just Buy a single router(Ethernet Cable) because router is the main thing to keep constant connection.

  1. Connect it on both the PC
  2. Now go to the Control Panel>View Network Status and Tasks>Change Advanced Sharing Settings. 

Do this next step on both of the PCs:

  1. Click on ‘Turn on network discovery’ and ‘Turn on file and printer sharing’
  2. Click on the Private Turn on Network Discovery>Turn on file and printer sharing>Use user accounts and password to connect to the other computers. 
  3. Click on the Public folder sharing and Turn on .  
  4. Click on “Save Changes”.
  5. If your PC account isn’t setup with password then go to the Change the account type and put Password. 
  6. Now go to the “Network Sharing Centre” and click the Username and Password.
  7. Enable the “Advance sharing” into the Another PC where you want to access. 
  8. Click into the “Advanced Sharing” option. 
  9. Now enable the “Share this Folder” and click Ok.

That’s it now enjoy the Network Sharing Centre.

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