Feb 25, 2018

How to be Mythical Glory in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

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There are tons of tips and tricks in forums, YouTube and blogs which you spend most of the time gets wasted in research. It’s a lot pressurized game while you play solo in RANK because RANK is one of the most prestigious mattered in this game. As you have seen world TOP players have more than Mythical Glory 1000stars, you are just keep wondered and stocked by seeing that. Before going to start in description let’s just rewind what the Pro Players have told you in past:

  • You have to be online for 24*7
  • You need to learn a lot
  • Try to master with every Hero (In-fact you have already mastered with many Heroes)
  • Play with skins
  • Build what pro players does build


But none of this were true. Here I am going to list the most TOP6 tricks which you can Rank upto Mythical Glory:


1.Team Co-ordination

Co-ordination is a little bit behind to go ahead before teamwork. Build Up your team co-ordination in Classic and Brawl without having any conversation through discord or in game audio calls. Play always in silent place without any neighbours disturbance with full volume of Game and Music. This will make you to focus more in the game and will develop your co-ordination.

2.Heroes Build

Always Build up your Hero according to opponent team and your team necessities. Sometime there could be a opponent team which is full of attack build that time just make your tank build half defense and half attack. Build everywhere lifesteal whether it is with mage or Marksman or Fighter.

Focus Higher HP build up for tank after building enough Armor and Magic Resistant build.

  1. Always Aim for MM, Mage, Fighter and Assassin

While in Teamfight you can get confused that whom have to attack first but always remember, if wanna attack then first aim for Marksman, Mage, Fighter and Assassin. Why them? Because they have the most lowest HP or you can say easy to kill them. If you watch Global top players match then you will know that their eye never goes for Tank. If somehow opponent TANK became low HP then only they use to engage attack on tank or else only will upon MM, Mage, Fighter and Assassin.

  1. Solo play or Rank

Always play more than two or three teamup upto Legend IV because every people upto that RANK play three or two teamup and some other just gets solo. If you are don’t getting players from your local then try a classic match, there you will get atleast one Good player. Talk with them and encourage them that we can win. Never play solo because it will always make you pressurized a lot due to having Bad co-ordination. After Legend IV anyhow play Full teamup otherwise don’t.

  1. Farm in Enemy Side

From the beginning of early game buy anyhow a Jungle emblem either it is a Mage or a Tank. First and foremost, your eye should be upon the TOP or Bottom lane opponent side Monsters. Try to steal and farm anyhow with their Monsters then only clear up again Minions  then only your side Monsters. If you cannot take the Red Buff or Blue Buff also it’s ok but try anyhow to steal their small monsters. Let your team always farm your side monsters from the early game only and never let the opponent team to steal your’s side buffs.

  1. Trio-Lane

As you all knows about Trio-lane. Wherever turtle nearby lane to slain turtle early people goes three in that lane whether it is 311 or 113 combination. But, always that way can’t be right because never let any Hero to play SOLO whether it is TOP or Bottom lane. Specially never let Lancelot, Odette, Kagura, Cyclops all excluding Tank because they were the one of those Heroes if gets Farm level higher then your defeat probability will be high.


Thank You

For reading this Article.

I hope this Technique will help you to make your dream come true. Spend atleast 4hours Play in a Day and the day never gonna be late you to be in Mythical Glory.

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